Retirement Planning

There are three questions I believe are at the heart of an individual's financial security concerns:

  • How much do I need?
  • Will my money last?
  • What can I do?

I help clients retire on their own time and terms by addressing these questions. This involves:

  • Working with them to understand their current cash flow situation, retirement income needs, and retirement and estate goals.
  • Tracking and reporting on their progress, so they can see if their retirement and estate planning goals are fully funded .
  • Developing tax-efficient goals-based investment solutions that help steel clients against market fear and uncertainty.

Who Can I help

The clients I can most help have the potential through current and future planned savings to reach their goals — but not enough to make mistakes. The value I deliver includes:

  • Identifying what you need to do in terms of spending and savings to meet your definition of financial security.
  • Developing an investment solution to preserve your ability to satisfy current and future spending.
  • Monitoring your progress and changing personal circumstances so that you are not following a plan no longer reflected in your reality.

If you are are committed to a plan that will get you to and through retirement, we should consider working together.

I also help clients who have other financial or investment needs:

  • Investors who are primarily interested in investing in flow through limited partnership tax shelters.
  • Investors who are comfortable with my investment solutions.
  • Investors interested in making their mortgage interest tax deductible as part of their financial strategy.
  • Business owners who are looking for a superior solution to RRSPs for their retirement savings